Holy Land

Day 4 Part 2

Solved a puzzle to get to the next room

Started the fight against a Female Drow Cleric
Who summoned 2 spiders, which are now dead

Day 2 part 2 , Day 3, Day 4 part 1

Defeated the thief

Drizna, Link, & Zingke: got 1 pp
30 gp as a bonus for getting the thief alive
Spent the night drinking

Traveled to the forest
Met Stormrage, Whisperwind, and Elizabeth
Spent the night in the elf village

Traveled to the northern part of forest to look for a missing druid in training
Met Jin and traveled to a cave

Entered a cave & one-shoted a Drow fighter

Day 2 part 1

Learned that thefts happening in the Magic District

Met shop owners

Pieces Pelor Relics have been stolen

Met Leokul and learned about the set

Can pick locks
get through magic seals

Short blond hair
Male Human

Set a watch around the scepter that is main church

Additional Equipment
Link & rogue – 10 blunt ammo

Day 1

Cart chase, defeated 4 goblins, and aided an animal shop owner

Head guard noted thiefts in the magic district, will wait until tomorrow morning


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